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Sally Huang
Sales Manager

Main Markets:

Africa, South Asia, South America, Oceania

She is a very nice, patient, and enthusiastic person in her work. She always tries her best to meet customers' requirements. Her goal is to exceed customer expectations while managing the customer relationships with partners and manufacturers, and to exceed sales goals.




Key Products
Key Industry
In April 2021, exported 2 units XCMG road roller to Mali.
In May 2021, exported 1 unit SHACMAN cargo truck to the Philippines.
Major Successfull Cases

Guatemala - 2 Units XCMG Skid Steer Loader

On November 29, CRUKING exported two XCMG XC750K skid steer loaders to Guatemala. Main configurations of XCMG XC750K skid steer loader: 1. Rated load: 900 kg 2. Tipping load: 1800 kg 3. Bucket capacity: 0.48 m3 4. Engine: YANMAR diesel engine, 50 kW, EURO III


Algeria - 1 Unit HELI CPD25 Forklift & HELI CDD20J & CBD20J Pallet Truck & ZOOMLION ZS

On August 4, CRUKING exported HELI CPD25 forklifts, HELI CDD20J pallet truck, HELI CBD20J pallet truck and ZOOMLION ZS1212HDS scissor lifts to Algeria. Main configurations of HELI CPD25 forklift: 1. Load capacity: 2500 kg 2. Load center: 500 mm 3. Lithium battery, 80/150V/Ah 4. Li


Côte d'Ivoire - 1 Unit XCMG XC870HK Backhoe Loader

On March 5, CRUKING exported one XCMG XC870HK backhoe loader to Côte d'Ivoire. The main specifications of the XCMG XC870HK backhoe loader: 1. Rate load: 2500 kg 2. Bucket capacity: 0.25 m³(excavator)/1.0 m³(loader) 3. Engine: WEICHAI diesel engine, 70 kW 4. Machine weight:


Côte d'Ivoire - 1 Unit HAITUI HD22 Bulldozer & 5 SHACMAN Dump Truck & 1 CAT 320GC Exc

On January 31, CRUKING exported one HAITUI HD22 bulldozer, five SHACMAN dump truck and one CAT 320GC excavator to Côte d'Ivoire. The main specifications of the HAITUI HD22 bulldozer: 1. Operating weight: 23500 kg 2. Straight tilt blade: 6.4 m³, 3725 mm width 3. Max. tractor


Côte d'Ivoire - 6 Units SHACMAN Tractor Truck & 1 Unit XCMG Truck Mounted Crane

On January 31, CRUKING exported one XCMG truck-mounted crane and six SHACMAN dump trucks to Côte d'Ivoire. The main specifications of the XCMG truck mounted Crane: 1. Max. lifting capacity: 5 ton 2. Max. lifting height: 9.8 m 3. Max. working radius: 8.6 m 4. Engine type: CUMMIN


Côte d'Ivoire - 1 Unit XCMG ZL50GN Wheel Loader & 1 XCMG GR1803 Motor Grader

On 20th December, CRUKING exported 1 unit XCMG ZL50GN Wheel Loader and 1 Unit XCMG GR1803 Motor Grader to Côte d'Ivoire. The main specifications of the ZL50GN wheel loader: 1. Rate load: 5500kg 2. Bucket capacity: 3m³ 3. Engine: WEICHAI diesel engine, 162kW 4. Machine weight: 178


Côte d'Ivoire - 2 Units XCMG XS163J Road Roller & 5 HELI CPCD50 Forklift

On 20th December, CRUKING exported 1 unit XCMG ZL50GN Wheel Loader, 1 Unit XCMG GR1803 Motor Grader, 2 Units XCMG XS163J Road Roller and 5 Units HELI CPCD50 Forklift to Côte d'Ivoire. The main specifications of the XS163J Road Roller: 1. Operating weight: 16000kg 2. Drive wheel di


Canada - 1 Unit ZOOMLION ZE75E Excavator

On 4th August, CRUKING exported 1 unit ZOOMLION ZE75E-10 crawler excavator to Canada. The main specifications of the ZE75E-10: 1. Opearating weight: 7500kg 2. Bucket capacity: 0.3m3 3. Engine: YANMAR diesel engine, 46.3kW 4. Overall dimensions: 6149*2346*2650mm


United States - 1 Unit HANGCHA CQD20 & 1 CDD15 & 1 HD1 Forklift

On Nov. 30th, CRUKING exported one unit HANGCHA CQD20 and one unit CDD15 and one unit HD1 forklift to the United States. The reach truck HANGCHA CQD20 is a modern reach truck for applications up to 9500mm lifting height. Devices with 1200 kg, 1400 kg, 1600 kg, 1800 kg and 2000 kg


Philippines - 1 Unit SHACMAN L3000 Cargo Truck

CRUKING shipped one unit of SHACMAN L3000 Cargo Truck to the Philippines on 22nd Jul. 2021. 【configurations】 Full Air Electronic Disc Brakes, Electronic Air suspension rear axle, Lane Change Departure Warning System, 245hp Euro 5 Cummins Engine, 12 Tone GVM.


Thailand - 2 Units XCMG XE60DA Excavator

CRUKING shipped two units of XCMG XE60DA excavator to Thailand on 27th Jun. 2021. XE60DA adopts a good engine excellent in environmental protection and energy-saving. Moreover, it uses a load sensing hydraulic system, able to guarantee operators better controlling of the machine


Asia - 2 Units XCMG XS223JE Single Drum Road Roller

CRUKING shipped two units XCMG XS223JE single drum road roller to Asia on 15th Jun. 2021. 【configurations】 Shangchai Diesel Engine SC8D185.2G2B1 Simple operation Reliable and durable hydraulic system Energy-saving and environmentally friendly power High efficient and reliable v


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